Website Design

Website Design

Janus Domain Name Registry is now offering discount website design services!

Need a website or E-Commerce site? Have no coding knowledge? Have no idea how to install website software? We can help!

We will setup, install, design, tweak and prep a WordPress or HTML website for you!

A WordPress site is the easiest to manage for you, the customer, as it includes easy editing tools, and requires no programming knowledge to use the basic features. Wordpress sites are not as quick to load as a pure HTML site, but they can be dynamic, including sidebars, user accounts, shopping carts, and much more!

If you just need a super quick, super simple, and super FAST website to display info, or sell a single product, than the HTML site is an option for you! We will design a website, populate up to 10 pages with any content you give us, upload it all to the webserver for you!

A WordPress site design with a free template is $50. We set up the WordPress site, any plugins we feel you might need, and a freely available template.

Premium WordPress templates are available for $50 each, and custom templates can be designed for $200

A HTML Custom website is $20 for 10 pages, not including including a home page and contact us page, for a total of 12 HTML pages.

If you simply want a graphic HTML template, we will design and sell one to you for $10.


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