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"Janus and the rise of the virtual workforce."   With the Trump Administration practically eliminating Bachelor Degreed Level 1 wage workers from H1B visa consideration, and Australia terminating its 457 guest worker program and UK deporting guest workers, the need for Janus services could not be greater.  For companies effected by these guest worker elimination and limiting policies, the answer is offshoring their work and the rise of the virtual workforce.  "Janus" is the support vehicle to offshoring and the virtual workforce.

Are you a Bachelor, Master or PhD H1B job/visa candidate and haven't been able to, or likely will not be able to, get the H1B visa?  Are you going to be ruled out of H1B job/visa competition by the Trump "Hire American" Executive Order?   The Janus mission is to help assure that the International virtual worker has the tools to cash-in on the Trump "Hire American" Executive Order bonanza that will see small and medium sized American companies off-shoring their jobs where ever possible.

Janus . . . ''Looking to the past to develop successful futures."   What does that mean?  It means that you can now use many unrestricted, pre-existing and familiar Domain Names that you have seen used in the past, and re-brand those Domain Name with Janus Exclusive Domain Name Extensions.  Janus empowers you, the off-shore International worker, to become a virtual worker to companies in need of your services and enabling you to cash-in on the Trump created "Hire American" bonanza and the opportunities in other countries that are restricting or out-right terminating guest worker visa programs.  The companies in these countries still need the work of the visa excluded workers.   As one (1) of these workers, in the future, you will work virtually from your home country.  The idea is to "Export your work, not yourself!"

This is how it is done:  Registrant enters an existing or an affinity custom Domain Name into the search box above.  If that Domain Name is unavailable, the Registrant will be so notified and given a list of low cost Domain Names that utilize Janus Exclusive Domain Name Extensions. To see a list of these Extensions, visit the "Extensions" Tab on this site.   Janus supplies all of the website branding tools and support that the International virtual worker requires to professionally present him/herself to the companies around the world needing his/her services.  When you find a memorable Domain Name that you like, buy it immediately before someone else does.  Janus services also include excellent Hosting Packages that you will be referred to upon your Domain Name Registration.

Janus supplies individuals and companies including:  healthcare related, computer related and work visa occupations, recruiters, consultants, consultancies, temporary employment agencies, staffing services, registries, per diem agencies, vendors etc, with many branded .COM Domain Extension choices.  Different from all other Domain Registries, Janus branded .COM Domain Extension choices are occupation or profession specific.  These choices enable our Registrants to create branded and memorable specialized Domain Names.

Questions.  Contact us through the "Contact Us" page on this site.

Indemnification.  If you violate, or are accused of violating the Legal Stuff and Privacy policy detailed on this site, you agree to indemnify Janus, its related businesses and principals from loss and all claims that may arise from your business operations.

Service.  Janus provides worldwide secure and stable services through a system of state-of-the-art servers located in Canada, France and the United States.  Janus is a powerful International Domain Name Registrar serving customers from around the world each day. Janus makes the Domain Registration process simple and safe with our intuitive Domain search products that lets you get your next idea for a Domain Name online fast. Let us help you achieve your goals in just a few clicks.

We're an ICANN-accredited Domain Name Registrar and offer a variety of tools to help organizations and individuals register and manage Domains.

Payment of fees.  Registrants will have the choice of securely using any major credit or debit card through our Merchant Bank; or using PayPal as the Registrant selects.

Company Mailing Lists.  Lists of tens(10s) of thousands of US Employer address information that includes Employers’ names, street addresses, city, state and zip codes. The contact information also includes: telephone and fax numbers.  Go to to order and pay for your list(s).  The delivery of the list(s) is immediate after payment.

Company eMail Lists.  Random lists of thousands of US Employer recruitment/sub-contractor intake eMail lists are available to Janus Registrants.   By buying these lists you agree not to mail to more than 100 companies a day in groups of no more than 20-addresses per hour.  This is to prevent your being branded as a spammer.  Contact us about these eMail lists through the "Contact Us" page on this site.  The eMail lists come in quantities of 500, 1,000 and 2,000 eMail addresses.   With random sorting of our lists from 100,000+ eMail addresses data base, no eMail list is ever the same.  The eMail addresses are unusual as to form, but they are all tested and work just fine.  


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